GDPR Text PNO Update

December 2020:
1 App installed by DoubleWeb / Michael Parry (tech partner CloudSelling (Stephan van Kooten) to call this website and extract GDPR Text PNO pages and rendered in the receiving PNO country / label / project website look and feel. On the receiving website the app must be installed also.

Tags for within-site-referral by the app:
• [cookie-policy]
• [privacy-statement]
• [disclaimer]
• [terms-and-conditions]
• [impressum]
• [SaaS]
• [Portaal]
These tags will be rendered by the app and replaced by the correct URL.

2 On 2020-12-02 German Cookie Policy text adapted; claim on ‘non use target-cookies’ removed because of Markerting Rijswijk the Netherlands (Bernard van Leeuwen) is using ‘pixel marketing’ as of December 2020.

3 On 2020-12-11 block shortcode

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On 2020-12-11 Added to German and English Cookie Policy.

4 Summer 2021 adapt German PS and CookieStatement for use marketing tool on FZ tool.

5 On October 1, 2021 adapt $3.3 T&Cs to comply with ISO 27001 on transport /exchange of data. PS FileCap use promoted PNO wide with entity heads /board

6 On October 20, 2021 adapt %5.4 of SAAS and WBSO T&C as mentioned in 5